Semi-permeable PU film health care transparent dressing

Semi-permeable PU film health care Transparent DressingsSIZE : A0405SMedical transparent dressing                 Carton size: 430×300×300mm4cm x 5cm100pcs/box            A0

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Semi-permeable PU film health care Transparent Dressings

Semi-Permeable PU Film Health Care Transparent Dressings


A0405SMedical transparent dressing                 Carton size: 430×300×300mm4cm x 5cm100pcs/box            
A0505S5cm x 5cm100pcs/box            
A0607S 6cm x 7cm100pcs/box            
A0910S9cm x 10cm50pcs/box            
A0915S9cm x 15cm50pcs/box            
A0920S9cm x 20cm50pcs/box            
A0925S9cm x 25cm50pcs/box            
A0405M4cm x 5cm100pcs/box            
A0607M6cm x 7cm100pcs/box  
A1012M10cm x 12cm50pcs/box            
A0607R6cm x 7cm100pcs/box  
A0607MU6cm x 7cm100pcs/box            
A0607SU6cm x 7cm100pcs/box             
A0607SK6cm x 7cm100pcs/box             
 8.5X 11.5cm50pcs/box             
B0607MTransparent wound dressing               Carton size: 430×300×300mm6cm x 7cm50pcs/box
B1012M10cm x 12cm50pcs/box
B0607R6cm x 7cm50pcs/box
B0405S4cm x 5cm50pcs/box
B0505S5cm x 5cm50pcs/box
B0607S 6cm x 7cm50pcs/box
B0608S 6cm x 8cm50pcs/box
B0910S9cm x 10cm30pcs/box
B1012S10cm x 12cm30pcs/box
B0915S9cm x 15cm30pcs/box
B0920S9cm x 20cm30pcs/box
B0925S9cm x 25cm30pcs/box
B101010cm x 10cm30pcs/box
B1015S10cm x 15cm30pcs/box
B1020S10cm x 20cm30pcs/box
B1025S10cm x 25cm30pcs/box
C0405Self-adhesive wound dressing                         Carton size: 570×330×300mm 430×300×300mm4cm x 5cm50pcs/box
C06076cm x 7cm50pcs/box            
C06086cm x 8cm50pcs/box            
C09109cm x 10cm20pcs/box
C09159cm x 15cm20pcs/box
C09209cm x 20cm20pcs/box
C09259cm x 25cm20pcs/box
C09309cm x 30cm20pcs/box
C09359cm x 35cm20pcs/box
C101010cm x 10cm20pcs/box
C101510cm x 15cm20pcs/box
C102010cm x 20cm20pcs/box
C102510cm x 25cm20pcs/box
C103010cm x 30cm20pcs/box
C0910YL9cm x 10cm20pcs/box
C1214YL12cm x 14cm20pcs/box
G1420USurgical incision film Carton Size: 430×300×300mm14×20cm20pcs/box, 20box/carton 
G2030U20×30cm20pcs/box, 20box/carton 
G3030U30×30cm20pcs/box, 10box/carton 
G3045U30×45cm20pcs/box, 10box/carton 
G3540USurgical incision film Carton Size: 520×300×300mm35×40cm10pcs/box, 10box/carton 
G4545U45×45cm10pcs/box, 10box/carton 
G4560U45×60cm10pcs/box, 10box/carton 
G4565U45×65cm10pcs/box, 10box/carton 

Product nameSterilized Disposable Medical Transparent Dressing from CE/FDA Manufacturer
Product compositionRelease Paper, PU Film, (PET backing) or (paper backing)
Advantages1.  Transparent, easy to observe punctures.

2.   Waterproof and breathable, effectively preventing moisture intrusion in daily process, effectively eliminating sweat water vapor, maintaining stickiness and skin comfort

3.   Tensile force, very good tensile force increases user comfort, the film closest to skin characteristics

4.   Moderate viscosity, using medical pressure sensitive adhesive, greatly reducing the sensitization rate, reducing the patient's pain, and convenient clinical operation.
ApplicationHospital, clinic, etc
FeatureDisposable/ Singe use only/ Transparent
CertificateCE, FDA, ISO13485, SGS
Producing capacity800,000 pcs/month
MOQ100 pcs

Inner Packing: Paper plastic bag
Outer Packing: Carton box
1pcs sterile bag, 100pcs per box
(Customized packing accepted.)
Delivery timeWithin 7-15 days for common size after receive deposit
SampleFree sample is available
Customized designAccept
PaymentT/T or L/C at sight

1.Zibo Qichuang Medical Products Co.,Ltd is an innovative company which is established in 2012.
Our company is committed to reach and prodcing disposable medical products. We own10,000
square meters 100,000-level purification GMP workshop,1000 square meters sterile laboratory;
and use high-quality raw materials and advanced independent design and impovement of fully
automated production equipment. 

2.  The company's reseach and development products are in line with the international use concept,
more convenient ,more efficient; in the service of medical, convenient medical purposes,
reseach and development,production and sales of various professional medical products; always put
quality in the frist place,will meet the customer's requirements are the goal of work, and the production
process is controlled to impove our product quality and service.

Semi-Permeable PU Film Health Care Transparent Dressings
Semi-Permeable PU Film Health Care Transparent Dressings

Qichuang Products Series

1.Disposable Care KitPICC puncture care kit
Infusion care kit
IV start Kit 
Blood collection kit
Dressing change kit
Dialysis care kit
Suture remove kit
Skin Prep kit
Oral care kit
2.Catheter Fixation DeviceNeedle Fixation Device
PICC/CVC Catheter Fixation Device
Urethral Catheter Fixation Device
Nasogastric Tube Fixation Device
Endotracheal-Tube Fixation Device
3.Medical DressingTransparent Dressing
Transparent Wound Dressing
Adhesive Wound Dressing
Surgical Film
4.Maternal And baby SeriesBelly Band
Baby Umbilical Paste
5.Other SeriesSurgical Tape
Infusion Paste

Semi-Permeable PU Film Health Care Transparent Dressings
The above products can be customized according to customer's requirements
and OEM services.


We have built up an efficient quality assurance system and has successfully been certified by
CE ,ISO13485 and FDA

Semi-Permeable PU Film Health Care Transparent Dressings

Our Advantage

1,Competitive Price:  Direct factory price.

2,OEM:  customized according to customer requirements

3,Samples are available

4,Ensure the products quality,We have 100,000 class clean room and EO sterile room,Welcome to visit our factory.

1.Can I print my own logo on bag/box?  

Yes, you can print your own logo on the box.

2.Can I change contents in the bag/box? 

Yes, you can design the contents as you need.

3 I need to do research,what is your minimum order quantity,can i get some sample from you? 
We provide free sample, but you need to pay the freight.
4 Are you a manufacturer, trading company or a third party?

We are a manufacturer, and we have builded up our company since 2012.



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